High or Low

Input cards above


The deck contains 9 cards valued 1 through 9. You and Tista-Bie are dealt 3 cards each, with 2 of hers and 1 of yours revealed. You guess if the sum of your 3 cards is higher or lower than the sum of her 3 cards. You win if you are correct.

There is a simple way to determine if your sum is more likely to be higher or lower. Calculate the scores of you and Tista-Bie according to the following formula:

          \text{Your Score} & = (\text{Your Card}) \times 5 + 45, \\
          \text{TB’s Score} & = (\text{TB’s Cards}) \times 7.

Then make your guess based on if your score is higher or lower than Tista-Bie’s score.

For example, if your card is \(7\), then your score is \(7 \times 5 + 45 = 80\).
If Tista-Bie’s cards are \(4\) and \(8\), then her score is \((4 + 8) \times 7 = 84\).

In this scenario, you should guess Low.