Mini Cactpot

Click on a square to enter a digit.

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Mini Cactpot is a scratchcard lottery where each of the numbers through are hidden in a grid. One cell is initially revealed, and after selecting 3 more to uncover one at a time, you may select any row, column, or diagonal. The sum of your selected line determines how much MGP you win.

610 0001672
11252211 080
1372231 800
1454243 600

This calculator works by computing the expected value of selecting any line or cell. A strategy that doesn’t involve heavy computation is to first reveal a “Y” shape on the board.

Next, select a line as follows:

  1. If a line can be the line, select it; otherwise
  2. if a line can be the line, select it; otherwise
  3. select whatever line can have the biggest sum (not payout).

This strategy gives an expected value of 1 259, whereas perfect play gives 1 484. Note that in steps 1 and 2, if a or line exists, you will always select it without ambiguity. In step 3, you may have to guess which lines may have a large sum.